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Cirro SMS responses

Several Cirro modules come equipped with SMS alerting functionality. For example, let’s say you forgot to close your itinerary after it expired. Cirro will send you a text reminder prompting you to properly  close your open itinerary. Or maybe you’ve been added to a booking in the scheduler. In that case a text is sent to you with the  appropriate

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3 Modules to Help You Go Paperless

If you’ve ever gone through an audit you know just how cumbersome relying on paper copies can be. As crusaders of a paperless operation, we’ve focused our efforts on maximizing efficiencies. If there is a faster way to operate, you can be sure we’ll find it. Logging weight and balance? Log it with Cirro. Tracking Company Field Gear. Track it

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How to Use Fuel Cache Change Log

Cirro’s new fuel cache change log is designed to improve data collection and accountability of your logged fuel caches. To see the change log for any of your fuel caches navigate to the Admin module ( you need admin privileges for this feature) and click on the Manage button at the bottom. This will open a list of additional admin

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How to download maps and charts for offline use

Using Cirro is a great alternative to paper maps, but if you need to work offline, it’d seem at first glance that Cirro’s mapping module won’t work for your needs. Think again. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to use the Cirro maps module offline plus point out some helpful tips to keep in mind. Step 1. Check If

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New Feature: SMS Messaging To Your Aircraft

Cirro’s new SMS messaging features means users can now send SMS messages to any available aircraft through the Maps and Charts module. How? It’s easy. Click on any of the aircraft icons from the main mapping and navigation view. From here, a menu will appear on the right hand side with general aircraft information. Near the bottom is a button

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New Feature Updates

We’ve got new feature updates for you to try out. Below is a brief review of our most recent improvements. Clickable Aircraft History Points Users have always been able to review aircraft flight history in Cirro within the Maps & Charts module but now they can review  multiple points within a flight path and get relevant information at different stages of the flight. In

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Piloting Cirro across Western Canada

Here at AirSuite we pride ourselves on maintaining a strong connection to the industry and the ever-changing needs of our clients.  Recently, Doug Carlson, one of our Technical Managers ferried a Bell 407 across Canada to start a month-long contract in Alberta. Doug is one of the original Cirro users, he started using Cirro 7 years prior to its commercial

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User Permissions

One of the newest features added to Cirro is the super user account. Being a super user allows you to set individual user permissions for your entire team. For instance, you may wish to prevent pilots from being able to see information regarding clients and invoicing. Super users can now select individual users and adjust their module permissions. Regular admin

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Offline Manifesting Tool

The Offline Manifesting Tool was initially created to meet the regulatory requirements some clients face operating multi-engine aircraft. The feature has since expanded to integrate with our Flight Reports and Flight Duty Time modules to enhance the Cirro workflow. The end result has been a reduction in lost time and errors from duplicate entries. Using the Offline Manifesting Tool is easy and

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Fast & Easy Schedule Updates

You’ve been there before. A pilot and an engineer are assigned to an early morning booking and plan to meet at the hangar for 5AM. The pilot cancels the flight due to weather and now all of those involved need to be updated of the new flight status. Fortunately, Cirro users can easily relay the new information to all other

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