Billing & Invoicing Reports

Cirro users produce a huge amount of data, which is a good thing. However, it’s not always clear how to put that data to use. Sometimes important information can be buried inside high level data points.

That’s why we created the Billing and Invoicing Reporting Tool. A tool you can use to examine, compare, and measure all flight planning and compliance data in ways to create insights that you can act on.

Introducing the Billing and Invoicing Report module

Admin level users within Cirro are able to pull a multitude of reports on all flight reports, invoices, custom  fields, and all other datasets that relate to billing and invoicing to make projections, forecast and to satisfy client demands.  This data can be exported into a CSV format for use in your accounting software.

How do I access it?
To access the Billing and Invoicing Reporting Tool, simply navigate to the Admin Tools module and select Reports and then Billing and Invoicing. To learn more about making the billing and invoicing reporting tool work for you email

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